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Packing Machines

Carton Box Erection and Sealing Shrinkage Heat Sealing Dispensers
Carton Box Erection and Sealing Shrinkage Heat Sealing Dispensers
Strapping machines Packaging of magazines and publications Robotic systems
Strapping Machines Packaging of Magazines and Publications Robotic Systems
Packaging Tapes Labeling Machine Pallet Wrapping
Packaging Tapes Labeling Machine Pallet Wrapping
Glue Guns and Adhesives   Waste Presses
Glue Guns and Adhesives  

Waste Presses


Packing Machines - Categories

PREPAC S.A. offers a wide range of packing machines. Read more below and click on the links to find out details about each category of packing machines.


Carton Box Erection and Sealing
Our company collaborates with the Italian firm Comarme and supplies Greece the machinery for forming and closing the cartons.  We think that industries which have significant consumption in cartons without regard to the number of dimensions, have the need for investments in machinery of this category, since the savings at the working cost are important while the savings at the consumption of packaging tape are also remarkable.


PREPAC S.A. offers complete solutions to the field of shrinkage, regarding to shrink films as well as the shrink wrapping machines.


Heat Sealing Dispensers
PREPAC SA provides a full range of common machines with heat-sealing for packaging products in ready-made bags. This category includes the common machines for the strapping of the ready-made bags and manual machines for food packaging with stretch film. All machines are certified by CE.


Strapping Machines
PREPAC SA pioneered at the supply of strapping systems. Nowadays, three major application systems for strapping have prevailed.


Packaging of Magazines
PREPAC S.A. has acquired in recent years a significant presence in the field of graphic arts and offers many solutions for the industry.


Robotic Systems
We are glad to present to you the Italian company MANIBO, which we represent in Greece. The MANIBO firm offers smart and economic solutions with regard to the handling of heavy objects by saving significant working costs.


Packaging Tapes
We provide the basic types of self adhesive packaging tapes that are common in the market and cover a vast majority of needs.

Labeling Machine
PREPAC S.A. provides many solutions for product labelling.


Pallet Wrapping
This product can be applied in a wide range of craft and industrial activities, particularly where wooden or plastic pallets are used for the storage and handling of products. The wrapping of pallets with stretch film provides security and stability to the products inside the pallet, particularly during transport.


Glue Guns and Adhesives
At PREPAC S.A, the heat-sealing glue guns are one of the first commercial activities that are continued until today. We can supply the machinery (glue guns) as well as the consumables (hot melt adhesives). The glue guns are suitable for amateur or professional use, and function with compressed air or electric current.


Waste Presses
The waste press reduces their volume by 90% and saves stocking space while also reducing the transportation cost. It is simple and easy to use.


Packing Machines PREPAC S.A.

PREPAC S.A. can offer complete solutions in the field of packaging of industrial products. We have developed exclusive collaborations with foreign firms such as the Italian firm Smipack (shrinking machines), the German firm BVM (shrinking machines with high speed production), the French firm Bollore (shrinking film), the Italian firm Comarme (pallet wrapping machines) and other firms for several applications.

In case you are not able to find the product you are looking for, contact us.



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