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disinfectants wipes and food thermometers

For quick and safe disinfection of small surfaces (e.g. boards, knives, and food thermometers) and large surfaces (e.g. counters, floors). Also, give the perfect solution for cleaning and disinfection in areas where the access to soap and water is not easy as garden parties.

Disinfectants clothes are the fastest and safest way for the application of the appropriate dose of disinfectant liquid. Eliminate all sources of food poisoning, bacteria, viruses and fungi (such as salmonella, lesteria, Ecoli, TB, HIV and MRSA).

The big advantage is that they can be used during food preparation, on the working counter, without any contact of the disinfectant with food (as happens with sprays). It is suitable for use in any working environment of food management.

The cloths do not fade and are safe for the skin so it is not necessary to use gloves. It is also environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Available in various sizes, from very small (pocket-size package for use with food thermometers) up to large for large surfaces, in a bucket. We also have digital food thermometers.

Since the clothes are disposable avoid possible contamination in the interior.

To clean your hands there are special hand cloths with low-alcohol concentration which contain softener so the hands are permanently soft and disinfected.

Special clothes for use in foods displays in the supermarkets and for disinfecting glass and surfaces without leaving marks or blurs.

All cloths are produced by EFSIS and BN EN ISO 9002 standards.


* The cloth of clinical use W55110 is impregnated in a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol. It has strong antiseptic composition and is designed for use in all the clinical environments. Effective against HIV, SARS, MRSA, TB, E. Coli, Listeria and Salmonella.

Companies PAL and PREPAC have close and long partnership and the majority of PAL products are turnkey through PREPAC. The series of disinfectants handkerchiefs has become increasingly popular as hygiene and food safety matters as well as speed, convenience, storage and costs of various disinfectants are now particularly important. With a wide range of sizes, packaging and chemical compositions, we cover all potential workplaces such as hospitals, dental offices, bakeries, hotels, Catering units, food crafts, etc.

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