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semi automatic tray sealing machines

Semi-automatic packaging machine EASYCUT GA / GF suitable for film sealing onto plastic trays.

Tray Size: (Length x Width x Height)
max. mm 320x260x90 h. (one disc / cycle)
max. mm 150x240x90 h. (two trays / cycle)
Maximum Capacity: from 300 up to 500 discs per hour, depending on the
desired vacuum rate, the tray material, the product as well as the operator’s speed.

Description and operation:
The EASYCUT GA is a semi-automatic desk packaging machine for preformed trays, loading and unloading of the discs is performed manually. The forwarding system of the film is mechanical, while the adhesion head is electrically driven. For the construction of EASYCUT GA the particular conditions of humidity in which the machine will work should be taken into account: It is made entirely of stainless steel and anodized aluminum.
Description of main parts:

Loading / unloading system:
In this system the already filled trays are placed manually and after adhesion are removed by the operator.

Film supply system:
This system automatically places the required amount of heat-sealing film which is positioned on top of the machine.

Adhesion / gas input / cutting system:
The disc is placed in a special position in the pattern by the operator of the machine and then the operator pushes the pattern within the holder of the machine. The machine is equipped with a gas system (Gas Flush System) which will infuse gas into the internal cavity of the tray with pressure. The gas flow is timed and when the defined time is achieved the adhesion of the film and its cutting in the shape of the tray starts (CUT SYSTEM). Once this process is completed an audio signal sounds to indicate to the operator that the cycle is over. The adhesion temperature is electronically controlled. The machine is equipped with a system for the easy change of the pattern.

Control panel:

The machine is controlled by an electronic panel on which the operating parameters of the machine are adjusted and demonstrated.


- Dimensions mm 642 x 587 x 491,5 mm
- Supply 230 V, 50 Hz
- Consumed power 3 Kw
- Weight approx. kg 50
- Maximum tray size mm 320 x 260 x 8,5 mm
- Maximum film roll diameter 200 mm
- Maximum film width 370 mm
You can get from Prepac the appropriate supplies (trays and films) with high quality (barrier properties) and durability. It is certain that with the barrier created we will protect in the best way your products preserving and extending timely their freshness and quality.

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