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drinking straws

We have the following basic types:

     * Split and straight straws
     * Packed straws 1 / 1 in plastic or paper
     * Black - colored - metallic straws
     * Straws in special sizes for sorbets - freddo etc.

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Thin plastic tube for drinking juice, soft drinks, beverages and drinks. Functions with the pressure difference created in the oral cavity and atmosphere. Its history is lost in the mists of time. The first that used it appears to be the ancient Sumerians to enjoy their beer and avoid the unwanted by-products of fermentation. It was made by a straw stem and that’s how took its name. Much later, the people of Argentina and the surrounding areas used iron straws (bombilla in Spanish, bomba or canudo in Portuguese) to mix and drink maté, a beverage that resembles tea.

The first modern straw was designed by the American manufacturer of cigarette papers Marvin Stone. On January 3, 1888 received a patent for a paper straw with wax coating. It was waterproof, but had a very small pipe and needed two straws for tolerated suction of fluid. However, soon he won the appreciation of the consumers and in the late 19th century Stone craft manufactured more straws than cigarette papers. In 1906 automated the production, which till then was made by hand.

With the widespread use of plastic in the '60s its manufacturing material changed. The straws had bigger cavities, so only one was enough for the enjoyment of the drink or beverage. Then they emerge as split and multi-color straws.

In Greece the straw appeared in the 70s, when it was an essential accessory of frappe, which invaded dynamically at the hot Greek summer. It was identified so much with our national drink, that today Greeks don’t think to drink frappe without a split straw.

Technological developments have not left it untouched. New techniques developed to reduce production costs and improve quality. It is ready to launch on the market straws that change color depending on whether the liquid is hot or cold.


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