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CPET trays

CPET material is suitable for use for temperatures from -40 up to 220 degrees. Food packages from CPET are suitable for use in electric oven at 220 degrees in MICROWAVE OVEN and in a freezer up to -40 degrees.

CPET provides an excellent barrier against oxygen, water, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen and therefore can be used in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP: Modified Atmosphere Packaging).

In addition:
• Food packages from CPET are suitable for direct cooking in the utensil.
• Some models have a lid while all are closed with film for 100% sealing in semi-automatic or automatic machines, which are also available.
• Wash in the dishwasher (top shelf).
• CPET material is recyclable.
• It is ideal for pasteurization and frozen foods because of CPET trays can be placed in all types of oven straight from the freezer.

Food packages from CPET are commonly used for:
• Cold, frozen products for home baking in the oven.
• Meat
• Ready meals
• Pastry

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Application examples

a) Bread / pastry

The baker / pastry cook prepares the product in aluminum plates which is sold to the local bakeries. The bakeries / shops bake it in the oven and then return the plate which is washed and reused.
Savoidakis for example, has six employees who prepare the plates. In each trade a consignment note must be issued.

All these are replaced by CPET. This happened with the baking trays a lot of years ago which have been replaced (at least some of them) by Styrofoam 009 and 008.

The producer makes his product, preserves it in the freezer, sells it to customers who bake it in the oven and throw or return if they want the utensil

b) Hotels / large dining units

In large rooms of dining CPET utensils provide the following advantages:
A) ECONOMY in prepared food
(they half-finish the preparation of dishes, put them in the freezer and finish only those that are needed to feed the customers, the rest are kept in the freezer)

Dimensions of the utensils needed:
1) 32.5 X 52.5 1 / 1
2) 32.5 X 26,5 ½
3) 32.5 X17, 4 1 / 3
4) ROUND F 32,34,38,40 HEIGHT 2 & 4 (pizzas, pies)

c) Butchers

Many butchers, have marinated meats such as burgers, kebabs etc. These cannot be placed in the classic rags, so are usually packaged in traditional aluminum trays. Instead, we propose CPET utensils that the consumer afterwards can either preserve in the freezer or cook in the oven for immediate consumption.

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