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lids for disposable cups

PREPAC S.A. provides the following main types of lids, products of MAKPAK SA:

Lids with a cross
The lids with crosses mainly used in Styrofoam cups and paper cups for cold beverages. The main diameters are 80mm and 90mm. The disposable cups provided by PREPAC S.A. are selected based on compatibility with the lids of our production while the minimum number of different lids covering all the cups of our customers is guaranteed.

Lids with a hole for hot drinks
The lids for hot drinks with a hole in the tip, known as “sip through” type lids are provided in the main diameters 80mm to 90mm in white and black.

The new lid with re-closable opening

PET dome lids with a cross
PET circular lids are available in diameter 95mm, specifically for the PET cups produced at MAKPAK S.A. as well as for most PP cups in the market. In the Fall of 2009 we can provide a lid with a cross with diameter 95mm.

We also provide a circular lid with diameter 80mm for use in paper and Styrofoam cups.

The quality of the products is compared only to those produced by large foreign manufacturers such as Solo, Dart, and International Paper etc.

The difference between PREPAC lids and those widely circulated in the Greek market is as follows:

1. Pieces in a package - the pieces in the package are defined properly, because are measured automatically.

2. Stacking - the lid base is made in such a way so its feet which separate the lids from one another, never match the next lid. Therefore, the lid has this great look of uniformity within the bag and practically means that the one lid never sticks to the other.

3. Hygiene. "Respect for the consumer"
The lid is made only with first quality materials. The production functions with an ISO quality certificate and with standards that are set by major international brands of the catering industry.

4. Technology. All our lids are made with machines of the latest technology, which ensure the perfect fit on the cups and the cross is always cut so that the straw goes in easily.

5. Design. The lid with a hole in the side is specific for hot drinks. The design is unique / innovative for maximum security and easy to use. Also available in BLACK.
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