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foam cups

Styrofoam cups

The expanded polystyrene cups (Styrofoam) we provide to the Greek market are the following:
4oz (115ml), 6oz (200ml), 8oz (225ml), 12oz (355ml), 14oz (414ml) and 16oz (473ml).

All the cups are printed except 4oz, while for all cups we can provide a lid produced in MAKPAK SA, except 4oz. The minimum quantity for printing the logo of the customer is 12.000 pieces and the maximum number of colors is four (4).

For sizes 6oz, 8oz and 12oz, we have a selection of pre-printed designs (generic) for those who do not want to have a white non-printed cup and do not have the required consumption to print their own logo.


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Advantages of the expanded polystyrene cups compared to plastic.

Generally, plastic is not suitable for hot drinks because the consumer's hand is burned and this creates him a bad mood, which often correlates to the subconscious at the cafe / bar or the store has to give two cups together and thus the cost of the portion is increased. For cold drinks (e.g. frappe) they do not retain heat for a long time so the ice is melting and causes dissatisfaction of the consumer. It should be noted that the plastic is not as stable as the EPS in the sense that it doesn’t have the same resistance to pressure from the hand.

Advantages of the expanded polystyrene cups compared to paper

The paper cup may be more beautiful but it’s less “ecological” than EPS because the production of paper burdens the environment more than plastic, and the cheap paper cup in the Greek market is laminated with polyethylene, so again the drink is in contact with plastic. Furthermore, the paper cup does not retain heat and just as with the plastic ice cubes in frappe or juice, are melting more quickly. There is a full scientific study proving the superiority of ecological EPS against paper (soon to be available in Greek).

RELIEF CUP (8oz and 12oz)
Due to the continuous competition many professional are seeking urgently ways to differentiate themselves from others. The relief cup is presented as a very economical solution. This finally provides not the shape but a different sense of touch caused to the consumer.
A lot of wholesalers and catering shop owners say that the issue of quality of the cup is of secondary importance compared to the price. This is a big mistake, but most do not know that.
In every 10 leaky cups that the Cafeteria gives, very few are returned by the final consumer. The reason is simple. When someone takes a drink on the street is usually far away from the reception to return it. Therefore, he is patient and he just doesn’t take again a drink from this point. Similarly, from every 10 leaky cups that return to the owner, very few are perceived by the factory because again the wholesaler does not inform the factory for each leaky cup. The conclusion is that for each poor quality cup that is reported to the factory, there are too many unhappy final customers that are discrediting both the shop from where they bought the drink as well as the EPS cup in general.



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