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round containers

Initially the transparent oval and round containers were designed to replace the traditional round aluminum trays for salad. These were available in the market only with a separate lid, so the first models of transparent packaging were designed with this logic. But over the years models were created with an integrated lid as they provide several advantages such as lower cost compared with less storing space. It is emphasized that the bowl with the integrated cup have a slightly worse sealing than those with a separate lid, without this creating major problems for the users, especially when it is used for delivery.

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Especially for salad

PREPAC is the company of quality and leadership. In the recent years we have noticed that the most appropriate package for salad is a nice, clean, very transparent tray with also the right very transparent lid. In the other EU markets this package is mainly used for years, for salads, and not the aluminum trays that we use here.

The reasons are that the cost difference is so great and the final user prefers the transparent packaging for salads. Also, this packaging is much more clean and hygienic and above all, shows respect to the consumer.

Briefly we mention some other advantages such as:

  • The salad in transparent boxes have a better image, i.e. looks fresher, more delicious, and more“live”.
  • The packaging is better looking specifically for stores that serve customers more formally.
  • Creates an additional value to the final product
  • Closes more easily and better (vacuum), making transportation easier and safer (does not “leak”)
  • The customer saves storage space because the transparent boxes can be placed in a box and lids are integrated. The lids and containers of the aluminum utensils are sold separately and the number of items is uneven (more lids in the box).
  • The consumer has the ability to reuse the box, and as the lid is still on and is not thrown away, making the box useless
  • They enable customers to enhance the range of salads with new varieties, (e.g. avocado, salad with pasta, salad with chicken) and make larger portions, as a normal meal.

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